“This is just gorgeous! So soft and snuggly and warm. We have nestled our son into it each night except for 2 since we received it, a particularly cool coastal summer. He loved the ritual of crawling over to it and being zipped and buttoned into his Snuggle Down before bed. He gets a super-sweet smile on his face. And we love taking it off in the morning and feeling his nice, warm toes! Susan was wonderful to work with…thanks for making such a wonderful, quality product!” – Valentine, mama in California

“The sleep sack is fantastic. Our 15-month old looks so cozy in it, like a little warm caterpillar. Before we bought it, we had to heat the house pretty high at night so the baby wouldn’t be cold — despite the layers of fleece we were dressing him in. But the down filling makes all the difference, and now we’ve been able to lower the heat several degrees and he’s still snug and warm. The sack is extremely well made. The placement of the snaps/zippers are very practical and will allow it to grow with the baby. The seller was also very personable and fulfilled our order quickly. Definitely recommend!” – Mandy, mama in Rhode Island

“We love our Snuggle Down! It is beautifully constructed and so soft. The nights have just started getting cold here, and our daughter was waking up more often than usual because she was cold. She has slept much better since she started sleeping in her Snuggle Down. Customer service is excellent. Thank you!” – Rina, mama in Nevada

“Super perfect! My baby sleeps so well in his Snuggle Down!” – Camilla, mama in Norway

“The Snuggle Down will last for years, then you can pass it down! If you bought it for a newborn, I would think it would fit for 3 years. My 21 month old daughter is wearing it now and hopefully through next winter, too. Buy a Snuggle Down for your little one or as a gift. You will not be disappointed!!” – Jennifer, mama in Massachusetts

“This handmade sleep sack is absolutely beautiful. My little guy (6 months old) loves it and looks so comfy in it. He has slept in it in both warm and cold days and it has kept his core temperature just right. Prior to getting this sleep sack he would wake up cold. Thank you – we love it and will recommend it to everyone that we know who has a baby or a toddler. Fabulous job, Line Pine!” – Jackie, mama in Calgary

“My newborn son really seems to like his Snuggle Down, and I don’t have to worry about him wiggling out of his swaddle at night – he’s a little Houdini sometimes!” – Sheri, mama in Nebraska

“I love cool fall nights when we can open our windows and stay under a nice, warm down comforter. This was a challenge when our son was young as we didn’t want to put a cover over him for fear of it covering his face. Last night we opened the windows…and were able to put our 8 month old daughter in her Snuggle Down, and know that she was warm and safe. It fit very well with the adjustability of of the shoulders and sides. Knowing my children are warm and safe at night helps us all sleep better. Thank you, Lone Pine Designs!!!” – Cynthia, mama in North Carolina

“Our son Fritjof is an athletic little sleeper, and manages to kick off his normal bedcloths several times a night.  This results in him waking up, which wakes his Mum, who then wakes his Dad (sometimes not gently), who is then sent stumbling off  to tuck him in again.  However since Fritjof has gotten his Snuggle Down, he’s been sleeping the whole night through!  So Fritjof loves his Snuggle Down, as does his Dad! A big thankyou from Norway!” – Keith, papa in Norway

“WE LOVE IT!!! When it arrived, we couldn’t wait for our daughter to go to bed so that she could snuggle down in it!! The fabric is precious and every detail is sewn/crafted meticulously, with love.  Her night of sleep, even in the midst of daylight savings, was terrific and I slept better too, knowing my little one was cozy in her crib! I highly recommend Lone Pine Designs.” – Annie, mama in New York

“The power went out at our house last week, and it was pretty cold upstairs BUT it was no big deal because my daughter took a long morning nap in her Snuggle Down. She was so cozy!” – Niki, mama in North Carolina

“My baby loves her Snuggle Down. It’s awesome.” – Dolly, mama in Mississippi

“We’re loving it, if I can use that strong of a word. My baby sleeps on his tummy, and I can even get him into it after he falls asleep in my arms. I tried it on my rather husky 24 month old, and it fits him, too, so I’m glad we should be able to use this next winter as well. Great job. It’s so lovely! ” – Glory, mama in Ohio

“I’m so happy with my Snuggle Down! It came quickly, and it is a great product, practical, sturdy, and cute. Seller is very attentive. Thank you thank you! I’m going to recommend this to friends who are having babies or looking for good shower gifts!” – Kate, mama in Massachusetts

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