• For safety, remove all objects such as toys and extra blankets from your baby’s sleeping space.
  • Consider your Snuggle Down a blanket, not pajamas. Until you are comfortable with gauging the adjustable warmth of the Snuggle Down to accommodate the needs of your baby, begin by dressing your baby in an appropriate cotton onesie or lightweight pajamas underneath, then increase if necessary. 

  • After placing your baby inside the Snuggle Down, fully close the upper part of the two-way zipper, then adjust sizing with the snaps both over the shoulders and under the arms. The fit should be secure but not tight. See below for a photo of an appropriate fit.

  • If your baby appears too warm or is damp to the touch, open the bottom of the two-way zipper, adjust the room temperature, change to lighter weight pajamas underneath, or remove the sleep sack. To prevent entanglement, do not add extra blankets over the Snuggle Down if your baby remains cold. Instead, increase the room temperature, or add a hat, socks or warmer pajamas underneath.
  • Machine wash cold with like colors on a gentle cycle.
  • Tumble dry low.
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