• Safer than traditional baby blankets
  • Ideal for both camping and everyday use
  • Simple adjustable sizing from infancy into the toddler years (patent pending) with durable snaps
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Less disruption to sleeping baby when transferring from one bed to another
  • Easy diaper changing with side zipper access
  • Full length two-way zipper allows for adjustable warmth and all-season ventilation
  • Fully or partially open two-way zipper  (from the bottom) provides for free leg movement for active toddlers
  • Fully closed zipper prevents an infant’s legs from becoming lodged between crib rails
  • Fully closed zipper also reduces the risk of an older baby lifting a leg high enough to climb and tumble over the side of a crib
  • Provides peace of mind that your baby will not become uncovered during the night   
  • Pre-washed in natural Seventh Generation detergent 

Sleep sacks are recommended by many experts to reduce the risk of SIDS, which many believe is the result of a baby rebreathing exhaled carbon dioxide trapped between a baby’s face and loose crib bedding. Here is a great article about the general benefits of sleep sacks versus loose blankets for babies.

Safety and quality are top considerations when creating a product for young children. The babysnapsack™ was tested by an accredited laboratory according to safety standards of the CPSC, and carries a general conformity certificate. 

The original babysnapsack™, the Snuggle Down, is made of breathable natural fibers – soft cotton and goose down. If allergies are a concern, the hypoallergenic down that is used in each Snuggle Down is of exceptional quality. I have had to stop using down pillows in the past that were made with poor quality down or feathers. As I fill each Snuggle Down, tufts of down swirl around my face and land on my eyelashes like softly falling snow. I have not had any issues with sneezing, itching or watery eyes while making the Snuggle Down. 

In addition to safety benefits, the babysnapsack™ eliminates the need to buy multiple sleep sacks of different fabric weights for changing seasons and multiple sizes for rapidly growing babies. Most sleep sacks are sized 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months etc. The babysnapsack™ is a one-size-fits-all from infancy into toddlerhood.

The babysnapsack™ can be returned at any time for refund, exchange or repair. I want every customer to be completely satisfied, and I hope that you enjoy this product as much as we do! 

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